AOMEI PE Builder Free 2.0 Review
After two years, free AOMEI PE Builder updated to 2.0 finally. We reviewed it before because we think it provides a simple way to create the Windows equivalent of a "live" Linux CD, whereby you can run a graphically friendly operating system directly from USB flash drive or CD/DVD. But the old version of AOMEI PE Builder only supports for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Now the new 2.0 version added support for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 10 and Windows Server from 2003 to 2016. Thus, more and more people in the world can enjoy this freeware.

The second step shows this change. Windows 10 users should download WinPE creating an environment from the Internet, there are 32 bit and 64-bit choices. Non - Windows 10 users can select to download the environment either or not.

Create Win equivalent Linux Live Cd

Another new feature is support for dual-boot functionality, which allows your recovery disc to be used on both newer UEFI PCs as well as older machines running a legacy BIOS mode.

Some built-in tools in the third step have been updated as well. AOMEI Partition Assistant and free backup tool AOMEI Backupper in AOMEI PE Builder are updated to latest version too. However, if you don’t need these two AOMEI products, you can download the small size version of AOMEI PE Builder 2.0. In our opinion, add them is necessary because they are basic system tools. AOMEI Partition Assistant works on sophisticated partition management and AOMEI Backupper works for recovering accessible files by backing them up.

What’s more, users are able to cancel the bootable media creation process once it has started. How does it work? As we know, free AOMEI 

Create Win equivalent Linux Live Cd

The builder is based on Microsoft’s own WinPE, a cut-down edition of Windows itself. To use AOMEI PE Builder, you don’t need to install the hefty Windows Automated Installation Kit. Step by step, you could build your own customized Windows PE bootable environment. And prompted it to burn a CD, save to USB flash drive or create an ISO image file, then your bootable recovery tool is ready to go on standby.

When your machine fails to boot. you’ve now got a fast way into the familiar Windows-like environment via AOMEI PE Builder, troubleshoot your problem, repair or at least recover critical data. In a word, AOMEI PE Builder is a great and practical program.
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