Change Android Look to Apple iPhone (No Root Needed)
Android is an undoubtedly awesome operating system to use and understand. There are apple lovers like me too. If you want to have a feel of iOS on your Android device, it is possible with some hacks. These tips will not require you to root your device and with some apps download, you can achieve it easily. 

Android is extremely customizable and open source for much of a modification and research. Whereas iOS is quite a strict in this regard and you can not modify its look easily. So luckly if you are an Android user and wish to have an iOS look, try these easy things. 

Get iLauncher Free 

Although Google has removed iLauncher from play store as requested by Apple, there are places where you can get a backup copy of this app. Just download and install it from here. Free Download

Espier Team Apps

Even these apps are not available on Google play due to copyright and legal issues. But you can surely configure some settings manually to work it smoothly. 

Get iOS Notification Centre

Unlike Android, where a user needs to pull down the status bar to navigate through it, iOS gives cool Control center. Download here

Get iOS Control Center

Espier Team has also developed apps which modify the Control center look appear more like iOS but again due to copyrights it is changed with logo. Get it here

Get All Espier Apps here

iOS Gallery look to Android

This app will change your Android albums and video looks similar to iOS.  Download here

Assistive Touch alternative Apps for Android 

Assistive Touch for Android

EasyTouch - Assistive Launcher
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