Customize your Search Engines to boost traffic
Setting your blog for different search engines will certainly enhance its reach and will become more boyant in the pool of other million sites. You might be wondering to see why some other sites quickly appear in search engines and some not. This way you will help your blog crowl at faster rate. This will not only benifit your site but also increase your ad revenue in terms of consistant organic visitors coming in.

Just follow these simple steps on how to customize your search engine

1# Sign in to gmail and go to Google Custom Search Engine. Click "Create a custom search engine".

2# Fill the form that describe your search engine. Make sure to check read and agree terms of service and then click Next.

3# Choose the appropriate style you want to appear in search.

4# Click "Customize" on the style and edit colors. Decie the type of design you wish to keep and proceed to next step.

5# Copy the code generated. 

You can also modify the "Layout" on search engine. Click on the "look and feel" and select the layout and then proceed to Save and get the code button.

6# On your blogger, go to Layout > Add a Gadget > Select "HTML/JavaScript.

7# Paste the code that you have copied in Google Custom Search Engine and Save. 

You can now see your site in your new Search Engine. See the effect of this soon or later. Do let us know your comments in below form.
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