How To Hide Apps on Android Device (No Root Needed)
Your smartphone is the most important thing you use daily. It contains memories, contacts, multimedia, data, photos, videos and much more. We store so many things on this tiny gadget and may forget about who may misuse it without our permission. It is always safe to password protect your device. For this, there are so many options including passwords, PIN, pattern, apps and few tips available. 

Wouldn't it be quite secured to hide those important apps so that a lucky stranger surrounding you may not see it at an instant saving your private data? There are many softwares already available to do this, but there are some easiest ways you do this. With these simple tips, you can make your important things totally invisible to others. 

Hide Apps On Your Android Smartphone Without Using any Apps.

Some Mobile has a function to hide apps, Specially Intex, Micromax, Samsung have a function to hide apps. To hide the app on your unrooted android device follow these steps:

Hide apps without Rooting

Go to Home Screen and press and hold on blank space(Not On widgets)

You will see New Screen at the bottom you will see Show/Hide click on that.
Now all apps will be shown tap on apps that you want to hide. 
Your Apps are now hidden.

Actually, this is not a function of mobile, It's the game of Launcher. Most of Intex, Micromax budget mobile use Launcher3 as their default launcher. If you have pre-installed Launcher3 then you don't have to use additional software to hide apps. If not follow the Second method to Hide Apps without Rooting.

How to Hide Apps using other Apps

Using apex Launcher to hide Apps
If the first method didn't work then you don't have to worry. 
Here is a universal trick to hide apps on almost every mobile app. 
Follow these simple steps:
Download Apex Launcher from Google PlayStore
After installing, go to Apex settings and then go to Drawer Settings.
The first option you would see is Hidden Apps. 
Mark/Check the Apps you want to hide and just click save and you would not see these apps in your Smartphone until you again unhide the Apps.

So this is the universal trick to hide apps in your android smartphone Without Rooting. There are other alternatives to Apex Launcher such as Nova Launcher but you should spend some bucks to use it. 

How to View Hidden Apps

So if you think your friend's mobile has hidden file then how will you check it? Or want to use hidden apps on your mobile without unhiding it? No worry mate its simple to view all hidden apps on an android smartphone.

Go To Setting -> Apps

Tap in Downloaded
You will see all apps which are downloaded on that device.
View Hidden Apps on Android
Tap on app which you want to open
Now finally tap on Go To App
You will see those apps now. 

If any user knows these tips already, they may use trials to unlock your invisible apps, so it is always recommended to use pattern or passwords to your phone so that it will be full proof. There are plenty of free apps such as 360 Security, Clean Master are famous for making sure your data remains safe all the time.
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