How to Add Subtitles to your Blogger Articles
Subtitles are a short description or a secondary heading to your article. This way search engines and readers will get easy snapshot about your whole content. Again they will be attracted to go further read you brief content.

An eye catching subtitles will not only attract readers mind towards the entire article, but will also improve its presence in search engines through proper set of keywords. This will also help in reducing bounce rate to your blog.

Properly crafted subtitles will be rich with higher keyword density which can be generated using proper SEO tools. 

Subtitles to Main Article

One can also achieve this by adding a manual subtitle or adding some codes in stylesheet section of your template. So you will only need to select font, color and the rest your blog will take care of. 

How to Add a Subtitle to Blogger Articles?

Log in to Blogger and navigate to Design > Edit HTML section.

Find the </b:skin> tag in the template and copy below codes (before) bskin code.

font-family:Trebuchet MS',Verdana,Arial,Sans-serif;
color: #C9C641;

Note: you can change hex color code to suit as per your page color scheme. 
Save template and its done. 

To add Subtitle in any Post/Article

To do this, just go to edit post and craft new post. Copy and paste the below code, replace your own subtitle lines, see preview and hit publish button. 

Now Nevigate to Settings > Formatting and under the last option, Post Template enter the following code into the box.

<div class="subtitle"></div>

This will ensure that every time these tags will appear automatically and you will just need to place your subtitle text between the tags. And if you don't want to add in a particular post, just delete them manually.

Save the changes and take a look at your edited blog page again. 

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