Synchronize your Google Drive under Linux with Grive
Do you ever wonder about syncing your data on Google Drive under Linux platform? Yes, Grive can do it easily. Instead of waiting for the official Google client support for Linux, grive does it smartly and easily.

Grive is very easy to use. Go to it is very easy to install and use. Its a better integration in Linux desktop than Grive.

As we know official Linux drive version is still not good, and instead of waiting from Google to come up with that, try 'grive' which can easily synchronize your local documents to your Google Drive in a command line. 

How it works?

Install grive:

Install grive (under Ubuntu and derived distributions)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grive

Configure the first launch to authorize grive to access to your Google Drive:
Go to the directory you to be synchronized with Google Drive and configure grive

$ cd <My Local Directory to synchronize>

$ grive

Please go to this URL and get an authentication code: Get here                        

Use the authentication code here:   

On your web browser, paste this URL and login with your Google account and copy the code that Google provides and paste in the terminal.

grive will execute the first level of synchronization -

Reading local directories
Synchronizing folders
Reading remote server file list
Detecting changes from last sync
Synchronizing files

You must be done now. Every time you want to sync your data with Google Drive, Just enter the terminal and type 'cd' to your directory and enter 'gdrive' command line.

You also do not need to run it with '-a' option as its purpose was to configure and associate your computer with your Google drive account. 

Here are some other options. 

grive -- help                                                                             
Here are the Grive options                                                                         
-h [ --help ]         help message                                                                      
-v [ --version ]     Shows Grive version                              
-a [ --auth ]         Request for an authorization token                                
-V [ --verbose ]    Verbose mode. Enable more messages than normal                  
-d [ --debug ]      Enable debug level messages. Implies -v                         
-l [ --log ] arg      Set log output filename                                         
-f [ --force ]        Force grive to always download a file from Google Drive instead of uploading it                                        
--dry-run             Only detect which files need to be uploaded/downloaded

This software was designed by autor Nestal Wan. This manpage was designed by Jose Luis Segura Lucas (

If you have any comments or suggestion on this method, let us know in comments. Alternatively, if you like this grive (Google drive support for Linux) method easy, do share with your friends.
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