How to Transfer iPhone contacts to any Android Smartphone
Recent data shows the huge opportunity for Android smartphones due to its simplicity and interesting features. With this, many people are buying new smartphones and trying to switch between iOS and Android more often. Certainly, getting contacts copied on iOS to Android becomes a tedious task. In this article, we will guide you to do it easily without much hassle. 

Many times you have a large contacts base on your smartphone and worry about them getting lost due to device wipe our or losing phone. In those cases as well copying them to other devices and keeping contacts file on the computer is highly advised.

Transferring Selective Contacts Manually (for small list)

If your selected list is below ten, then this method is enough. Just select the contacts, swap down and select tab which will allow you to easily share them via text or email. 

Copy Contacts Using iCloud

Apple's cloud system is one of the most secure ways to keep up you iPhone data sync. online. It is extremely stable and password protected. Just go to from your computer, log in with your Apple ID. Click on the gear saying Export vCard. Your PC will download a VCF file with those contacts. Connect your android device and copy that vcf file and load the contacts. 

Copy all Contacts Using an App

Using an app called "My Contacts Backup" you can easily copy all the contacts and email with a VCF attachment to your Gmail account. While you launch the app, you will need to allow access to "MCBackup" permissions. Open this email from your android device and get the VCF file copied to your phone. 

Import Contacts to Gmail

Get the Exported vCard from your iCloud account explained in the previous method and keep it ready on a desktop. Now Go to Gmail logo and select contacts. Click on more option and select import. Click import again and you will be automatically synced to your Android device connected to this account. 

Export Contacts to Gmail using iTunes

In case you are using an old iPhone with iOS 4.x, you will not be able to use above methods and iTunes is the best option. Just download and install iTunes. Connect your phone to computer, go to device's summary page and click on info tab. Check "Sync Contacts With" and then select "Google Contacts". Insert your gmail details. Just ensure that your android device is connected or logged into your Gmail account. 

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