Transferring ownership of a Google Sheet to Anyone
Every google sheet is under the ownership of an account holder. And you can share these files with anyone with google account. Still, there are some limitations on accessing these files apart from its owner. 

Google Apps Customers - He/she can not transfer ownership of any file to someone outside your domain.

Only Google Apps customers in Premier, Government, and Education domains can transfer ownership.

Consumer (i.e. non-corporate / organization-wide) Google Drive users: can not transfer ownership of a synced or uploaded a file. And you can transfer ownership of files that you created inside Apps itself.

Apart from these, you can transfer ownership of Google documents and folders to anyone else, as long as they have an email address which either is already linked to a Google account, or they are willing to set up a Google account for

How to transfer ownership of spreadsheet file?

Go to Google Drive

Tick the checkbox beside the file or folder you want to transfer

From the More menu, choose"Share..." OR just click the Share icon.

Give access to the person you want to give the file ownership - and if they aren't an existing Google user, wait for then to accept the invitation.

In the Sharing screen, click the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the new owner's name, and choose "Is owner."

Click Save changes.

Done, ownership is now transferred to someone else.

What happens after it?

The new owner will get an email informing them that they have been made the owner of the particular file.
You will still be an editor on the file. But because you are no longer the owner, you won't be able to:

Remove existing collaborators.
Share the file with other people.
Change the visibility options.
Give collaborators permission to change other people's access privileges.
Delete the file. 

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