Create Live Photos from Still Camera shots - Google Motion Stills
This Application Change Live Photos to GIF - Google have a an special app for iOS smartphone users. The application is called as "Motion Stills" which is developed by Google's research team. Still Motion app can be used to convert still photos taken from iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE into an animated GIF or video.

Google Motion Stills uses a video stabilization technique to create an impressive clip as GIF. Then turn it into montege. This will bring whole new experience for personal photography and app working of Google's Still Motion. 

"We pioneered this technology to stabilize ratuan million video and create animated GIFs from photo burst. Alogarima we use linear programming to create a video or photo burst as using equipment stabilization. As a result, create a free background rocking," explained the google as reported Redmondpie.

"Perfect short video to make loops. So we added the optimization of loop to bring terbarik results. Our approach is to identify the start and end points, and discard frames blur," said Google.

Currently this app is available for iOS users and soon will be available for other than iOS users. 
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