15 Best Earphones (In-Ear) of 2017 You Must See Now
Music is incomplete without headphones or earphones because it is not always convenient listening to it in a loudspeaker. If you want to experience the real pleasure of listening music then good sound quality earphone or headphone is must because only earphones or headphones will give you completely personalized experience and enjoyment. Most importantly, you will be able to catch every single beat and rhythm that you will usually miss in loudspeaker unless you have the highest quality home theater for at a room. 

15 Best In-Ear Earphones 

1. Panasonic RPHJE 120

Panasonic is a trusted company and they produce quality products that are completely capable of offering you durability and usability advantage. Panasonic RPHJE 120 is one of its kind earphones. You will get best music listening experience in budget price.

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2. ZERO AUDIO Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT

If you are looking for an earphone that will offer you the necessary features with budget prices as well as with decent sound quality then this is the right pick for you. You will get good earphone speaker quality in them which will ensure that you enjoy your music with it. Most importantly, they are developed for the purpose of providing you best experience of listening music without outside disturbance.

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3. Bose SoundSport Pulse

However there are many choices available in the market but still, there is no comparison of Bose sound quality and product quality. Bose products are still appreciated a lot and this is definitely a product worth purchasing. This can be considered the best earphones that would be suitable for almost everyone and it will exceed your expectations as well because it is not just an ordinary earphone but for a Bluetooth earphone.

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4. SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear Earphones 

If you want to use your earphone for general or regular purpose then this is a very suitable choice for you. This in-ear earphone comes with simple design and comfortable styling that will ensure you to get the best advantage of your purchase. They are simple and yet highly durable which means that you don’t need to worry about a second purchase of earphone for a very long time.

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5. PTron HBE9 Headphone Universal Stereo In-Ear Earphone

This is an in-ear earphone that comes with a microphone. It offers you the feature of microphone voice clearance with noise isolation feature that makes it little superior choice than other listed earphones. The quality of this product is also excellent and the price is really very attractive considering its features. However, the main attraction point of this earphone is its design and comfort level which make it the best choice.

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6. Brainwavz S0 IEM Earphones

This is a smart choice earphone that comes with a mic. When you get earphones with mic, then you generally think that the cost of the product will be too much but this is actually cost worthy in comparison of the features and comfort level that you will get when you will purchase it. There is no doubt that this is the really very good choice for almost everyone who wants to buy earphone for their regular use.

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7. Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit

If you are looking for under the budget and yet good quality earphone then this is the best choice for you. You can easily buy these earphones online because these earphones are available in online stores quite easily. You just need to search for them and then you can find them in the most reasonable and affordable price range.

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8. Xiaomi Hybrid 

This earphone comes with Remote & Mic feature that makes it a little bit special and unique. Xiaomi is already a trusted brand and people have appreciated these earphones a lot which makes them a good choice without any doubt. You should give them a try and purchase these earphones to experience the actual pleasure of listening music.

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9. Koss The Plug 

These are simple and comfortable earphone that will offer you decent music listening experience in under budget price range. You don’t need to worry about durability as well because they are quite durable and reliable as well. If you are looking for simple earphone for your daily use, then this might be one of the most suitable choices for you.

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10. Philips SHE3590

Philips is one of the highly trusted companies that manufacture electronic products. Philips earphones are also trustworthy when we talk about durability and usability. You can expect a good result from your purchase when you are buying Philips earphone.

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11. Zipbuds JUICED 2.0

There are many earphones available in the market and this earphone is one of the decent choices that will give you everything you expect. You will get the best result of your purchase according to your expectation and you will get these earphones in under budget price range as well. There is no need to think too much when you are buying these because they will ensure that you get a decent experience of using an earphone.

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12. Beyerdynamic Byron 

Clarity of sound and comfort of earphones can be considered the highlight of these earphones. These earphones are considered one of the best choices when it comes to the feature and music listening experience. This has everything that you will need an in-ear phone.

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13. Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEi 

This earphone is best and this earphone won Product of the Year for 2016 which proves their abilities and reliability. This earphone is capable of doing much more than you expect them to do. You will get many amazing features that will definitely enhance the pleasure of using your earphone.

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14. B&O BeoPlay H3 ANC 

This is all-rounder earphone that can be used for all purposes. If you are talking to someone then this can be considered the suitable choice. If you are listening to music, then this can give you the best experience as well.

Buy on Amazon ($199.99) - Expensive isn't it!

15. Shure SE425 

This is stylish and appreciably appealing earphone that can definitely charm you simply with its appearance. You would not need to know much more about it once you see how attractive they look. However, you will not find any kind of lack of its feature as well because you will find all the necessary features that will ensure that you get a decent experience of using your earphone.

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Author Bio: Thomas Kumar works for latestone & earphonesguru.com as a content developer. Latestone is the reputed e-tailer Company known for bringing the mobile cases & covers, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, headphones models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. It has a fully operational warehouse and fulfillment centers across the nation.

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