How to Block Suspicious IPs from Accessing your Computer
Do you know, there are many apps and programs which are actually dangerous than the genuine one, which allows the attacker to see your private and important data from your computer? The best way to deal with it is to install an Anti-virus program. But even with that protection, sometimes your IP may get hacked over some connections. You might also have heard of a forceful Google chrome extensions which try to get installed with or without your permissions and try to access your pc.  

This article will guide you stop such incoming connections with possible simple tips. Here are the important steps. 

Go to Start > Command Prompt (Win+R > and type cmd)

Now type "netstat -a" [without quotes]

You can also get a text file for all the IPs listed, type "netstat -a -> file.txt". This file will be created in the same directory you are present in.

These are the IPs which you need to inspect. They may lead to nowhere or to some sites which you never wish to go. You need to add them to the 'hosts' file. 

Now open Windows Explorer and go to "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\". 

You will see a 'hosts' file without any extension. The best way is to stand in C drive windows folder and search from top search bar for 'hosts'.

Double click this file and open it with Notepad.

Below the lines of "#" add "" followed by space and then add the IP you want to block.

Save the file and restart PC. All those listed IPs which you added in the previous step will be blocked when you restart your computer.

Enjoy. You have just blocked those unwanted IP incoming connections to your PC.
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