Export Your Gmail Filters and Settings to Another Gmail Accounts
Once you know how to set up Gmail filters to keep all the incoming mess on your account, your next job is to keep these filters standard for all your other Gmail accounts. 

Need of Gmail filter exporting is required when you open another Gmail account for your personal or business purpose and willing to sort the mail in exactly same manner. It is just like importing or exporting your bookmarks on browsers.

You can also set up a filter just by clicking down arrow near to search bar on the front page of Gmail Inbox.

gmail dropdown search option

Follow these basic steps to export/import your Filters settings.

Go to Gmail > login > Labs > Filter import/export

Gmail Filter Settings

Search Filter import/export option by scrolling down.

Click on radio button to enable filters. 

Save changes.

You can either select all the filters or the required filters to export. Click on Export button.

File named 'mailFilters.xml' will be downloaded to your download folder. You can import this file in exactly similar ways described above by going to your another Gmail account.

You can also let the incoming messages automatically labelled, archived, starred and go into their respective folders (set criteria) and keep then unread for later see. This way you will save lot of your time in screening mails and loosing important ones.

Use individual message to create Filter
In simplest ways you can select message in your message list and click on 'Filter messages like these' option to direct gmail to search similar mails and allocate filter to them.

Using message source to create filter

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