How To Protect Your Copyright Work with DMCA
Plagiarism is found everywhere and until it is observed and action is taken, your valuable information or work may be present on some other sources/websites and keep eating your credit.

Once you find your page is being directly copied on other places you can straight away send them an email or just inform from your side. If it is not considered immediately within a day or few, you must know what to do next.

DMCA Digital Millennium Act

DMCA, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a U.S. federal act which assists Authors, Website Makers and Developers to fight against the online copying and content infringements. DMCA will force them to remove the original content stolen from their websites or even to shut them down in some cases.

DMCA is made available publically from October 28, 1988 in the United States under the presidency of Bill Clinton. The law specifically governs the digital online contents and holds their copyrights.

DMCA Logos for Websites

It works with DMCA takedown notice. Notification for removing pages or infringing content is sent to the host site. For this case, Authors will have to give complete information about their work, links and address of the infringing sites. With DMCA, you can ensure that no one is trying to copy your articles or even part of them and produce look-a-like pages.

To avail DMCA protection, you will have to register on their website (Click here), and get the codes for your blog/website to use through HTML/JavaScript Widget. On your website, by clicking the DMCA logo will take the page to the certificate issued by them clearly specifying the details about your website and authorization.

DMCA Certificates
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