These Android Tips will make your life much easier
Today, probably everyone has a smartphone. And most of the users worldwide use a Google Android-powered devices. Even though we feel we can nicely handle this device smartly there are plenty of tips which are overlooked simply with a fast-paced life or due to a busy schedule. 

If you are a power user and constantly need a smartphone, these amazing tips will certainly increase the productivity and lot of savings on your battery juice. These simple tips will ensure you are not wasting anything without knowledge. 

Below are some of the collected simple life tips to enhance your smartphone use.

1. Set a Black color Display wallpaper to save maximum power

Do you know, most of the today's smartphones have an AMOLED display, when a wallpaper is set to black color, a pixel actually turns off and hence saves almost all the battery for it.

2. Keep your phone automatically unlocked at home

Now you don't have to use patterns, codes, gestures to unlock your phone at safe places such as home or office desk. Just go to Settings > Security (or Secure lock settings) > Smart Lock > Trusted places and type in the trusted address. That's all.

3. Put your device in Airplane mode while Charging

This tip will speed up your charging process almost by double. While the phone is on Airplane mode, it shuts off all the communication and hence speeds up the charging. This might sound weird but just try yourself. 

4. Use Smartphone lens to capture more brief photos

Smartphone lenses are widely available all over online stores and fit nicely over your existing rear cameras. They also provide additional zoom, additional wide angle snap and so on. So your photo taking experience will go to new heights.

5. Turn on Grid-lines while aligning the shots

This will enable adjust your shot and keep image pretty still, creating a great picture. Also, try locking the exposure for better images.

6. Your Android device has a hidden game

If you get bored at mall or airport, you can start playing a simple game placed within your phone. Go to Settings > System > About Phone (or Software info) and tap on Android version multiple times, you will see a logo for Nougat or Marshmallow. Tap it few times and now press and hold on the screen. 

A secret minigame will appear. Although it looks easy, it is not so. You have to keep an Android cartoon alive by tapping the screen to jump without hitting things midway.

7. Multipurpose Lightening Charging Cables

Believe me, these cables work for a multifunction such as USB-c type, regular charger, USB etc. So you will save a lot of your time playing with your device.

8. Reduce your device's animation time to speed it up

Go to settings > tap build version 7 times (Unlock Developer options) > And easily scroll down to find Animation

9. Using Offscreen controls to adjust Songs and Playlists

You can set your device's volume keys to skip and play songs. Just by double tapping up and down volume keys, you can actually control the playlist functions. 

10. Control large amount of Background Data

This is a very serious issue if your device has many apps and so on. So whenever not needed just switch your mobile data off. That will ensure no processes constantly eat your valuable data. 

11. Analyse your Sleep using Sleep Cycle app

Having a fast pace busy life. Many people are facing the same issue of not getting enough sleep or improper sleep due to stress or some reasons. This app will help you analyze your sleep and guide you for what changes needed.

12. Using Videos over a Phone Projector

If you very much life watching movies, that's probably a good idea to do so over a large display projector. These smartphone projectors are easily available online and will make your life much easier and fun. 

These projectors will easily mirror everything running on your phone and that's really amazing.

13. The phone does not loud enough playing songs?

This is a simple tip to keep your phone in a ceramic bowl. It will increase its volume almost up by 30%. Can't believe, just have a try.

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