Easy Ways to Protect Your Android Phone Device
The modern technology gadgets such as Android phone devices seem very secure, but in reality, there are still plenty of things to perform in order to secure them. Usually, users just make their effort and add PIN lock only and start thinking that this would be enough. 

However, we have accumulated 8 methods to secure Android from dealing with app permissions to lock down apps, dealing with cyber-attacks and track down the lost, stolen and theft phone. 

Protect Android through Screen Lock 

The user can set the screen lock and this will be enough for users to secure android phone when fell into wrong hands. In the current world, the user can set PIN lock, pattern lock, and password lock and if you have the latest Android cell phone you can use eye scanner and finger print lock in order to secure the device. It is very hand and easy, don’t make excuses the simple and effort fewer methods like this. 

Lock necessary Apps & Media

The user should need to add the extra layer of security on such apps which are very private for you and you don’t let them into wrong hands with the help of app locks. The apps usually which every android user want to make private from others are Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Viber, WhatsApp and other alike. It will let you toggle on and off a PIN lock for every app which you are using currently. If a user has private photos and other media files, they need to do something additional. 

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Always keep up to date OS 

The Android operating system always brings some changes in the shape of new features, but also put some extra features to fix the bug, patches and many another kind of security issues. The user just need to do something about to ensure your apps set on auto-updates through Wi-Fi in Google play’s settings> General> auto updates apps menu and always tend towards new and modern operating system updates in settings > regarding Phone > and also view that how a user can update Android operating system. 

Don’t dare to update third party apps

It is manufacturing fault that the Android OS phone or tablet don’t let a user use third party applications other than the Google Play Store, but it is very ordinary to get into the settings > security > Device Administration > Unknown sources. Google have also access even on the third party apps other than the Google play store. Therefore, don’t go for those apps which are not available other than Google Play Store, because the third party decreases the effectiveness of the security of your android phone device. 

Manage App permission

There are a number of advantages of using such apps which are authorized by the Google play store. It will guide what permission an app needed the most before the installation. As we know that apps which we use on our android smartphone devices require permission for accessing our data within the smartphone such as photos and videos, contacts and other apps which are being used for communication which needs to access your camera to allow you to send your pictures and video messages. If you realize at some point of time that an app asking for permission for no reason that doesn't think to install it. 

Set up User Accounts

Since the Android devices have been coming into the existence; users are able to set up multiple accounts on a single android devices or phones. In-case, if your buddies and your family ask you to use your personal android phone device, then you need to make multiple accounts on your device in order to prevent any wrong access with your personal account. You can easily set-up your account in settings > Users > Add User. 

Use Data backup app 

We all know very well that people having android phone device in order to share the information in the shape of photos, videos and other multimedia files on social networking apps. Especially young teen’s android users make photos and videos and then share it on the instant messaging applications

On the other hand, people who are working within the business organizations save their confidential data within their smartphone devices. They always remain insecure because of losing, theft or stolen the device by someone or it could be hacked by someone online. They just need to create a data backup for their device, having an emergency they can retrieve their data from the data backup. The user can create a strong and unbreakable data backup with the help of data back app. The data backup software enables the user to sync all of the data within the data backup app control panel. 

The only thing they need to do is to install the data back-up or cell phone monitoring software on the Android device. After that no matter what happened to your Android device, you can get all of your confidential data from the dashboard.


All upper mention methods in order to secure your android phone device are effective. If users follow all of these steps no one will get access to your device and you can put your worries to rest. You can also get an Android spy to track the location and Android data backup. 

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