How to find the Best iPhone 7 Headphone Adapters
With the latest iPhones headphone jack you can connect your old 3.5 mm headphones to the iPhone 7 or 7 plus. Now, the Apple is giving a pair of lighting ear pods as well as a lightning 3.5 mm headphone adapter in the box for all the new iPhone 7 customers. This might be a personal solution for your personal setup on your iPhone. If you plan to charge and listen simultaneously, you just want this lightning dock with an audio output and another adapter to get the job done. 

At present, there are top picks of excellent wireless headphones available to choose from, so you have to look for the best lighting and the Bluetooth headphone adapter as well as other accessories for audio on the iPhone 7.
If you wish to keep your old iPhones and want to stick with new Apple’s 3.5 mm to lightning adapter or any other Bluetooth headphone adapter, below are some of the best options to look for,

Apple lightning dock and adapters

The Apple has given an answer to how to charge and listen to music at the same time. The iPhone 7’s lightning dock with a built-in headphone jack is now available in the cost range of $39 to $49.

Lightning 3.5 mm adapters

The Apple’s great invention of lightning 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter is now coming with bundles in the box with every new iPhone 7. If you want the product separately, you can simply purchase this for $9 via Apple. On the other hand, the third parties on Amazon also have same options in buying the Lightning adapters in different materials and colors for as lower as a rate of $7.

Belkin lightning audio and charge rock star adapter

Now, one of the biggest questions for iPhone customers is that how to charge and listen to music at the same time. Presently, the latest iPhones do not have a headphone jack. So, one of the greatest options is Belkin new lightning audio with charge adapter, which can be divided your lightning connection into two. You can also use it with lightning headphones because the Apple is bundled with iPhone 7 or a pair it using Apple’s 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter.

Griffin iTrip clip Bluetooth headphone adapter

The Apple’s iPhone now comes with the 3.5 mm lightning adapter and lightning ear pods in the box. This Griffin iTrip clip Bluetooth headphone adapter is now available with a built-in remote. It also has the Bluetooth functionality to any set of headphones for $20, which allows you to connect it wirelessly. Unlike any other adapters, the backside of this adapter has a clip that helps to attach to the clothing, which makes it as an ideal option for use along with the headphones. This will bring you around 6 hours of playback and 30 feet of range on a single charge. With the use of AUX cable, you can be used to connect to the stereo of a car.

Spigen air pods strap

This air pod strap is one of the top most accessories available for Apple’s upcoming wireless. It is a cord free air pods set that will slide into each end as quickly as possible. It is now available for a reasonable price and this strap allows you to hold it on your neck, which gives additional security to avoid losing one, especially if it happens to fall out.

Taotronics Bluetooth receiver or adapter

It is one of the well-reviewed receivers or adapters that offers Bluetooth 4.0 functionality and also guarantees to withstand 10 hours playback on a single charge. They also contain a built-in remote for answering calls, media controls and also allow you to connect up to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. This adapter comes with a removable 3.5 mm stereo adapter that you can use in a vehicle.
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