Sync/ Transfer iOS Contacts to Android using Gmail or iCloud
Backing up Smartphone’s contacts could be an annoying and tedious task. Earlier times we used to type names and numbers manually into our new phones and digital diaries. Whether noting them on PC or rewriting them on paper everything is still clumsy. Even in today’s hi-end gadgets era, many of us are getting confused while doing this task.

There are many ways and apps are available to back up your phones including data and contacts. While looking for the simplest way, syncing contacts through Google is a very simple method.

iOS to Android

Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems work on a totally different platform. While shifting files from one device to other proper file formats must be transferred.

Learn how to transfer iOS contacts to an Android Device using Gmail account.
This will involve transferring contacts from iOS device to Google account, then syncing it to Android device again.

Follow these simple self-explanatory steps:

Method 1: iTunes

iTunes: iOS devices work well with iTunes, it has the option to sync contacts to your registered Google account.

Open iTunes- connect your device via USB cable. Select your device in iTunes, Go to Contacts - Select Sync Contacts with Google Contacts option on top.

The system will prompt you to enter your Gmail credentials, just input your username and password.

Login to Gmail - Contacts.

Now you must see the whole list of added contacts from your iTunes into your Gmail contacts list.

Merge Duplicates Contacts in Gmail Contacts, Google contacts have options "Find & Merge duplicates" in More tab. It will show the list of duplicate contacts. Select them and Merge them manually.

Restore Contacts to Android Device

Go to Menu> Settings> Accounts and Sync. Select Add Account and select Google. Sign in with your Gmail account details. Select 'Sync Contacts' and click Finish to complete the process.

Your contacts must be copied to your Android device now. This is the easiest way to transfer contacts.

Method 2: iCloud

You need to have an iCloud account to sync your data to the online cloud database. Create it if you do not have one.

Go into contacts tab, Select all contacts and on Setting button select "Export vCard..." A vCard file will be saved on your computer. Make sure to save it on a desktop or at a known place.

Go to Gmail> Contacts, Select Import Contacts and Import using a vCard file. All the contacts now must be present in your Gmail contacts account.

Merge them again properly repeating previous steps and your contacts are now safe forever. Merging in Google account is the fastest way to delete repeat contacts rather than doing it manually on your phone. 

All your contacts are now safe with your devices and online Gmail account.
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