ACME MADE - Zipper less Skinny Sleeves for iPads and tablets
Made in San Francisco, Acme Made is one of the reputed brands and Skinny sleeves are specially designed to protect your gear and complement your lifestyle with a variety of colorful options.

The Acme made skinny sleeve uses a stylish stretch stitch seam which enables an ultra thin protection to the devices and also includes a sew. Not only mobiles, iPads, these are perfect for bigger laptops such as MacBook Pro, Dell Inspiron and so on. 

ACME MADE - Zipper less Skinny Sleeves
StretchShell - It is made using highly durable Neoprene simply makes it water and stain resistant. Its sewn-in reinforcement on both sides provides extra protection and better fitting. A perfect soft case for today's devices.

Not only this, Skinny sleeves are available in many variants, colors, and sizes so that no matter what device you have, there is a safe case available from ACME made. 

So why risk your costlier gadgets? Add them an extra layer of comfort and style with Acme Made Skinny Sleeves.

ACME Made Skinny Cases

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