Amazing Smartwatches Available Right Now in the Market
Smartwatches are the connected wristwatches and come with a variety of smart features such as customizable watch faces, health monitoring apps, activity tracking, apps, internet connectivity for notifications and much more. Smartwatches may not be a need for everyone but still, it is a gadget that can not be avoided. With compact display design, a capability to sync with a smartphone, longer battery life, lookalike traditional watch, excellent voice control support and with much more smartphone features, this gadget is a must for every smartphone lover.

Wearable technology is leading day by day and new gadgets are coming to entertain people throughout their life. Most of these watches run on Android or iOS, but still, some custom operating systems such as Pebble's timeline, Samsung's Tizen are even highly recommended. 

Below is a list of some of the amazing wearable smartwatches available right now in the market. Most of these watches fall in $100 to $20,000 price range. You can click on their buy options to review full specifications on Amazon and decide which one is suitable for you. We have compared at our best, still, the choice is yours depending upon your budget. 

1. Samsung Gear S2

Mostly preferred brand

Gear S2 works on Samsung's own Tizen OS. Released in October 2015 at around $299, Gear 2 is a real smartwatch to fit within your budget. Due to its round traditional design, it is mostly suitable for everyone. It has a solid premium feel and has 1.2 Inch 360x360pixel AMOLED Display which is incredibly sharp.

What makes this watch different than others is its rotating bezel controller. It is made to navigate through menus faster. It gives amazing tactile feedback making it much easier to operate.

Short-long pressing buttons are much better for accessing a menu and various functions. Using S Voice App one you can use excellent voice control features. The device works on Samsung Gear App. At the back, it has a heart rate sensor. Watch is pre-installed with Nike Running, ESPN, HERE Maps, CNN & Bloomberg apps. image source:

Samsung Gear S2

Gear S2 is powered by dual-core Exynos 3250 SoC (specially made for wearable devices) and has 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage (1.9GB user-accessible). It is powered by a 250mAh battery. Watch has all major sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope heart rate monitor, barometer and ambient light sensor. Watch has great connectivity options including Bluetooth 4.1, NFC and wi-fi.

Overall Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch has an amazing built, stunning display and packed with all Samsung features. It is a value for money smartwatch. 

Buy on Amazon (at $249.99)

2. Apple Smartwatch

You heard correct. Amazing design, hundred of app support, great fitness tracker, voice calls, apple pay-enabled and much more. 

Apple smartwatch is compact, great built and has a lot of apps and features included. You can directly answer calls, hear music synced from your iPhone, Use Bluetooth headphones, use hands-free Siri and much more. 

Other than these overall it is a superb device to wear. It works in pairs with the iPhone. So far Apple has revised its software a few times, other fitness trackers are also on the market list and there is a price drop in Apple Smartwatch. 

This tiny gadget has everything inbuilt. It has only a few limitations including battery backup which lasts only a day or so. It also requires an iPhone to work. Its interface is slightly confusing for new people and lacks built-in GPS as well. 

One can easily look for information on the watch, things are quick and short on hand, easy Apple pay option, perfect fitness tracker and most lookalike perfect watch. 

image source:

 Apple Smartwatch

Apple Smartwatch has gained much popularity due to its versatility and solid design. It comes with 38mm and 42mm display sizes and 290ppi and 302ppi density respectively. It is IPX7 certified so it is splashproof (not waterproof) 

Buy on Amazon (at $275)

The Apple Watch Series 2 is being offered at the lowest price ever 

Apple has sliced down its prices for their latest watch series 2. You will get a big discount on 34 different Apple watch series 2 models on Best Buy

Whether you want a 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 in space gray aluminum with a black sport band, a 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ edition with a black/volt band, an entry-level gold aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 Sport model with a midnight blue strap, or a space black Apple Watch Series 2 model with the Milanese Loop bracelet, there are plenty of options on Best Buy online. You will save as much as up to $70 on each of those models along with the other 30 models available right now. 

As on the sale, Apple’s newest Apple Watch Series 2 models are starting at just $299 for the 38mm models and $329 for the larger 42mm models. These are some of the coolest prices you will get considering the best smartwatches from the market.

3. LG Watch Urbane 2
Great user experience

If you are looking for Android Smartwatch, there are plenty of options available. LG Watch Urbane 2 stands quite high in the series due to its amazing features. It is expensive!

The great part is you won't need your smartphone around you to work with a smartwatch. Unlike Apple watch, Urbane 2 can sync without untethered from a mobile phone. You can leave your phone at home and go to an office with your smartwatch. As simple as that. You can set your smartphone to direct all notifications to your smartwatch. 

image source:

 LG Watch Urbane 2

Urbane 2 has great connectivity options including support for 3G and 4G networks. Such a complete smartwatch to go for. 

Buy on Amazon (at $798)

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4. FitBit Blaze

Has more advanced features including a regular tracker. It is best for a gym, home or street users. It has 16 color 1.25 Inch touch screen display. 

FitBit will offer you details of statistics for various daily activities that you can go through. You can monitor your performance through fitstar workout plans and settings. 

It is water-resistant, splash proof and has a great battery life to keep it up for almost 5 days with a single charge. image source:

 FitBit Blaze

Most importantly FitBit is compatible with Android, iPhones and Microsoft Windows phones and hence a gadget for everyone. Overall Fitbit is one of the cool choices in the high-end smartwatch competition. 

Buy on Amazon (at $199.99)

5. Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

SW2 is low priced, certainly not that it's cheap. If you are looking for something sub $100 then SW2 is the best option for you. 

It works on any android device (Android 4 and above) so you don't need any sony specific phone. It is IP57 certified so you can wash your hands without worrying about your smartwatch. It is splash-proof. image source:

 Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

It has 1.6 inch multi-touch display and superior features including Bluetooth plus NFC connectivity. It has access to a large number of Android Apps. 

Buy on Amazon (at $105.99)

6. Pebble Steel

It has a classic retro feel and works on both Android and iOS platform devices. Although it is not offering a bright and colorful display found in other watches, its cool features including notifications alerts are enough for day-to-day users. 

Its monochrome display is just enough to keep you up with all regular activities such as incoming calls, alerts, messages and much more. image source:

 Pebble Steel

Its 'Timeline Feature' enables you to arrange all the important updates into chronological order. Although its features are limited when compared to others, basic Bluetooth functionality and number apps make its stand in this queue

Buy on Amazon (at $99.99)

7. LG G Watch

Get notifications directly on your wrist from a phone. LG G Watch runs on Android wear OS, G watch was some of the earliest smartwatches with Google's wearable OS.

You can do tasks such as prepare notes, email, maps and directions and much more. 

image source:

 LG G Watch

G watch has 1.6 Inch IPS LCD display with 240ppi resolution. The screen has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 over it for protection. Watch runs on powerful quad-core 1.2GHz CPU and Adreno 305 GPU. It has 512MB RAM, 4GB Internal storage, Bluetooth 4.0, SMS, email IM messaging to note. Lg G watch is one of the best smartwatches right now in the market. 

Buy on Amazon (at $229.99)

8. Huawei Watch

Best display in android wear

Buy factor - Great look, long-lasting battery, higher specs, crispy display. It is a modern looking smartwatch and has round 1.4 Inch Display. It features a stunning 1.4 Inch AMOLED display with 286ppi resolution. It is one of the best displays in smartwatches. 

It also has sapphire crystal glass display and cold-forged stainless steel body which makes it quite rough use possible. image source:

 Huawei Watch

Coming in various colors watch comes with rose gold, black and silver color models. Straps include fine-grain leather and stainless steel variations. It is kind of a piece of jewelry on your wrist. 

Buy on Amazon (at $242)

9. Pebble Time Steel

It's a wirelessly charging watch, meaning you won't have to take it off from your hand to charging. You can wear it for long hours and forget about it. 

Pebble offers promising 10 days on a single charging. It has impressive battery life. 

It has an amazing voice response system and new timeline interface with past present and future at your fingertips. It is nicely compatible with the Android and iOS operating system. 

image source:

  Pebble Time Steel

If you are an avid Android user and looking for an alternative to android wear watch, this one is a great option for you. It has a great battery life, handles notifications, compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. 

Buy on Amazon (at $159.95)

10. Garmin Forerunner 225

Fitness lovers

Best watch for fitness enthusiasts who love to run and need to track heart rate and daily activities in one go. 

Unlike previous models, Forerunner 225 does not require heart rate monitor strap usage anymore. It directly works on your wrist and has built-in GPS to track directions, places, and distance. image source:

 Garmin Forerunner 225

It can also track a number of calories you burn, distance traveled and steps walked and much more. Considering all these options Garmin  Forerunner 225 is a great fitness watch to go for. 

Buy on Amazon (at $215)

11. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Best for sport lovers

It is your new fitness partner. You can leave your phone anywhere and still can focus on all the notifications and fitness data. 

It can track your gym data so that it can also advise your next gym plan. Its inbuilt features such as GPS, heart rate monitor and MP3 music player are great for fitness lovers. image source:

 Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Although there is no network connectivity option included, it serves the best purpose for fitness and directions tracking with GPS.

It also has built-in Android wear which enables the use of emails, SMS, weather reports, call answering and much more. 

Buy on Amazon (at $179.99)

12. Garmin Vivoactive HR

A great fitness tracking device

Its premium, so it is costlier than others. Vivoactive HR has great features including high-end fitness tracker, GPS, heart rate monitor, and many other activity trackers.

Can work with third-party widgets and apps, receive push notifications, quickly customizable display. It is truly a high-end fitness smartwatch. 

image source:

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Overall Garmin Vivosmart HR is premium, great health tracker, all-purpose accessible to many apps and much more. 

Buy on Amazon (at $249.99)

13. Sony Smartwatch 3

A much better option than those costlier rivals. Sony Smartwatch 3 is for mid-budget customers who love the brand value and quality. 

The device runs on Google's Android wear OS and will alert you to push notifications, messages, calls, tweets, and WhatsApp texts. There is also a voice recognition system that is easier to control it through voice commands. image source:

Sony Smartwatch 3

You need to direct all the communication to the smartwatch as there is no mobile network access available. As of memory, there is 4G of onboard storage and 512MB of RAM. 

Sony Smartwatch 3 certainly has the best value for money. 

Buy on Amazon (at $199.99)

14. Alcatel OneTouch Watch

A classy product with cool colors and perfectly suitable for smart people. It runs on Alcatel's own OS and compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones via the OneTouch Move companion app. image source:

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Looking at the price OneTouch watch is designed for a low-budget market. It has 1.22 Inch IPS LCD display with 258ppi display density, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC connectivity, USB charging, SMS, Email, IM, MP3 player and Non-removable 21mAh Li-ion battery which works longer. 

Buy on Amazon (at $118)

15. Asus WI501Q ZenWatch 2

ZenWatch 2 is full of surprises. It is affordable and available in two sizes 1.63 Inch (280x280p resolution and 273ppi) and 1.63 Inch (320x320p resolution and 278ppi)

Its crown and the buckle design gives it a great luxury feel. Crown also acts as power and reset button.

Watch runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 at 1.2GHz and 512MB RAM, 4GB of onboard storage. Zenwatch 2 has 6-axis Gyrometer and Accelerometer. image source:

Asus WI501Q ZenWatch 2

It has a built-in microphone, Bluetooth, wi-fi enabled. It works on the latest Android Wear operating system. Being IP67 certified, a watch is completely dust and splash-proof. There is cool watch faces available through ZenWatch Manager App. 

Buy on Amazon (at $139)

News - Asus announces SmartWatch 3 in India

16. TAG Heuer Connected

If money is not your issue

It is a brand for fashion enthusiasts. It has a premium feel and has high-end specifications. With a heavy price tag of $1500, Euro 1100, AU$2100, Tag Heuer is a style statement. 

It is certainly expensive!

It has a 1.5 inch LCD display. Powered by Dual-Core 1.6GHz processor and 1GB RAM this watch is quite a powerful device in the market. It has 4GB of inbuilt memory and Supported with iOS and Android operating systems. 

TAG Heuer is truly a premium wearable and seriously a piece of jewelry. If you love fashion, brand, and style, Tag Heuer is hard to avoid. 

image source:

TAG Heuer Connected

Buy on Amazon (at $1950)

17. Garmin Fenix Chronos

Coming in a titanium and steel body, these are high-quality GPS-enabled sports watches. Most of the features are similar to high-end smartwatches but they have a premium robust feel.  It is certainly expensive!

It comes in three flavors, Titanium (with brushed titanium band), Steel (with brushed steel band) and Steel with vintage leather. 

With 1.2 Inch Chroma display (always glowing) and 218x218 pixel resolution, there is also a supporting scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass over it. Moreover, it is waterproof up to 100 meters and suitable for swimming as well. 

Technically speaking it has EXO antenna (GPS/GLONASS) inside the bezel which can map routes. With Garmin's own optical heart sensor technology, it becomes slightly superior compared to other health wearables. It also has other sensors such as foot pods, heart rate monitors, barometer, compass, altimeter. image source:

Garmin Fenix Chronos

Its health meters are active 24/7, so you won't miss anything related to your routine checks. Its battery life parameters are really good and can stand up to a week on watch-mode with a single charge. With GPS on, it can last up to 13 hrs continuously. That's truly sufficient. 

Costing at around $1499.99 (Titanium), $1099.99 (Steel), $999.99 (Leather strap), Garmin Fenix Chronos is a real piece of gem. These models will be in the market around September 2016 and you can book them online on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon (at $1499.99)

18. Casio WSD-F10 Android Wear

Best Outdoor Watch

Casio is a well-known brand for many years. We all grew up seeing Casio watches and calculators. It's a pleasure to introduce Casio in the Android Wear series. High priced!

There is practically no difference in design, its the same previous Casio watch but with advanced display technology. It runs Google's Android Wear OS and has an extremely durable design. Produced in Japan, Casio has some interesting things to their customers. 

WSD-F10 is full of plastic and rubber design but certainly has a premium feel with great textures on the case. It looks bigger maybe just because of the bigger battery but that's the department where today's display technology is lacking. WSD-F10 is comfortable to wear and doesn't weigh more at just 93g. image source:

Casio WSD-F10 Android Wear

It comes in four colors - Metallic Orange, Black, Red, and Green. But the black one looks much better compared to others. 

It has a top 'tool' button which enables a lot of Casio built apps mostly working on various sensors. Its dual LCD display is full-time on and can be put to sleep if needed to save battery.  

Buy on Amazon (at $500)

19. Vector Luna Smartwatch

Surprising battery life

While many other pioneer brands have already started taking over the smartwatch market, brands like Vector are trying to convince the market with additional productivity such as enhanced battery life and traditional look. Timex and Nike top-level guys run this brand and its welcoming. High priced!

With a boosting battery life of huge 30 days on a single charge, it is a serious competition to its rivals such as Apple and Samsung. The display isn't that bright and that's a secret behind its battery-saving capacity, still, it is a very competitive option compared to other top brands. No need of carrying a separate charger or USB wires while traveling.

Still, with many basic functions and notifications, a watch isn't that advanced compared to Apple, Samsung and etc. top tiers. Victor watches come in three flavors - Performance, Contemporary (both at $249) and Classic ($399).

image source:

Vector Luna Smartwatch

Buy on Amazon (at $205.99 & $400 - Classic) 

20. Fossil Q Founder Android Wear

Fossil Q Founder is great looking android wear within budget. Starting at just Euro259, Q Founder is the best alternative to those high-end LG Urbane 2, Casio, Garmin Fenix Chronos, and Tag Heuer. 

You can either go for a leather strap or metal link strap and if you are keen making your own customization, Moto 360 might be the best option. 

Fossil is a watchmaker and not the technology giant, so be careful with its specs if you look for the long run. Considering build Fossil uses a 22mm quick release mechanism so that you can replace its straps easily. 

Instead of regular Qualcomm Snapdragon, Fossil uses Intel Atom Z34XX processor which is also found in some high-end Tag Heuer Connected watch. It also packs 1GB RAM which is more than most of the rivals. It also has 4GB internal storage and most of the 3-axis sensors. 

Missing - Heart rate monitor and built-in GPS. (But surely no problem if you are not much into fitness activities) image source:

Fossil Q Founder Android Wear

Fossil has made a special companion app running along with regular Android Wear app to customize some of the features such as activity monitor, notifications and watch faces. It's pretty cool. If you are lucky Alexa is offering 35% off on Amazon.

Just say, “Hey, Alexa, buy the Fossil Q Founder stainless steel smartwatch.” (Scroll down to see the offer and buy through Alexa)

Fossil Q Founder Alexa Offer - Grab it!

It has enough battery life for a day, being a bright and stunning display, a battery is enough for a day or so. If you keep the display on low, it might extend to the next day. Fossil is certainly a good bargain at this price range. Just missing some heart rate monitors and GPS which makes some people feel annoying. Otherwise a real style product.

Buy on Amazon (at $295) (Claim your 35% offer through Alexa)

21. Michael Kors Access

Dylan (Sporty Black) & Bradshaw (All-the-Metal)

A premium Michael Kors Access series come in two variants, a Dylan and Bradshaw. The Dylan is cheaper of two with two silicone iterations, one black and other in rose gold. While Bradshaw has Gold, Rose gold, and Sable models. 

The overall material used on these watches makes it stand very high in smartwatch race and we truly appreciate their efforts. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 Soc processor and enough 4GB storage, watches come with 320x290 pixel TFT LCD transflective display. image source:

Michael Kors Access

Instead of other high-end tech products such as LG Urbane and Apple watch, Michael Kors stands quite high with much like jewelry design and yet strong build.

Buy on Amazon (Starting at $350, Straps from $40)

22. CoWatch Alexa SmartWatch

Powered by Alexa, a digital assistant developed by Amazon
An Indiegogo based Smartwatch Project

Alexa is a great digital assistant developed by Amazon is recently featured on CoWatch Smartwatch. It made its first debut as an intelligent virtual assistant on Amazon's Echo Speaker. 

It is a 42mm round watch with 400 x 400 pixels Super AMOLED display. Powered by 1.2 GHz Dual-Core processor, the watch has enough 1GB RAM and 8GB flash memory. It is made up of stainless steel and zirconia ceramic body. image source:

 CoWatch Alexa SmartWatch
Equipped with all the latest sensors including heart rate sensor and Vibro Motor. Watch runs on Cronologics OS based on Android. It can also work with Apple devices running iOS 9 and android with a lollipop and later. 

CoWatch can run your smart home devices, Play Spotify music, book taxi from Uber, buy food from Dominos, Kindle books and much more. 

Buy on Amazon (at $299)

If you are still with traditional trendy Analog Watches, 

You might love to see Diesel's best Men Analog watches right now on the market with amazing offers.

23. Blink Smartwatch

Witworks, a Banglore (India) based hardware firm recently jumped into android wear business. It's a unisex timepiece with a stunning 43mm dial sporting 1.39 Inch 400 x 400 pixels AMOLED display and a Gorilla Corning Glass 3. 

Blink smartwatch is powered by 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, and enough 300 mAh battery. Watch runs on Witwork's Android-based Marvin OS (a watch-first platform) for smooth performance. image source:

 Blink Smartwatch

Blink has everything including fitness sensors, apps such as Uber and Ola. Blink targets Indian consumers more than a Global market. However, it's always stiff competition for such a new brand with other top tiers including Apple, Samsung, Moto, etc.

Pre-book your Blink Now

24. Polar M600 Fitness/Sports Android Wear

Polar is the only smartwatch/fitness tracking watch manufacturer in the world offering wireless heart rate monitoring sensors. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear 24/7. It has the same GPS tracker found in Polar V800. Its onboard music playback works well and great for fitness lovers. You can fully customize it's workout screens. 

A major drawback of this device is that you can't answer the phone calls, vibrations are too low on alarms, limited band options, and its display looks too dim in direct sunlight. 

Polar watches are well known in GPS sports series and last year's Polar V800 worked pretty well in the consumer market. M600 has Dual-core MediaTek processor and 1.3 Inch display again with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection. It has 512MB RAM and has enough 4GB internal storage.

Buy on Amazon (at $329.95)

25. Nixon Mission Android Smartwatch

Nixon Mission is a hardcore android watch for sports lovers. Since Google's android wear platform has launched, so many fashion brands including TAG Heuer, Michel Kors have come up with excellent design and style. And now its Nixon Mission, a tough smartwatch specially designed for snow and water sports lovers. 

It gives accurate data for surf and snow conditions. The best thing is its review from boarders and surfers. Even though it has a big 48mm big dial, it actually weighs less than Michael Kors Access, but still comfortable for regular use. 

It has a solid shockproof polycarbonate case with surgical-grade stainless steel bezel over it. You have the option to choose from its various designs including 12 different bezel looks, five brushed steel options, and seven matte cerakote options. With its excellent MicLock mechanism, it achieves up to 10 ATM rating with possible submersion 330 feet underwater.

Overall, Nixon Mission is an awesome choice for sports lovers.

Buy on Amazon (at $398.00)

26. Phase Hybrid Smartwatch by Misfit

It may not have a fully smart touchscreen but will support multiple functions

Misfit will soon bring their wearable smartwatches 'Phase Hybrid Smartwatch' with great Apple watches like connectivity, small color display, traditional watch hand positions and more importantly ability to control music, take shots, advance slides in presentations and much more. image source:

Misfit is unbelievably promising six-month battery life and up to 50 meters of water resistance. Their watches will give excellent haptic feedback, notifications, reminders, alarms and all the necessary activities that a smartwatch must support.

You can even change the bands and try new ones including their own straps. Phase Hybrid smartwatches will be available by November 2016 at around $175.

Note: We are promoting here Amazon affiliate referral links for earning a small commission.
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