Fiftythree - Pencil - The Smart Stylus for iOS devices
Pencil 53 is a unique sensor which lets you write, draw and do anything on iPad as a stylus. The Pencil by 53 Digital Stylus brings a new life to your iPad artwork. This stylus boasts amazing features to help dreamers and art lovers. 

It uses Paper iOS app and seamlessly connects through certified Bluetooth Smart wireless. It is stable and comes with an industry leading power conservation. Where Apple's new iPad Pro only stylus cannot measure up to FiftyThree's flawless features. And yes, it supports many other drawing ios apps too. 

Fiftythree is the most natural way to create art on iDevices. Its advanced technology keeps you in the flow without even needing to switch tools. Pencil can do a lot more than just drawing including erasing, blending, adaptive palm rejection and even smart detection for surface pressure while drawing. 

Just flip the pencil and it works as a digital eraser. So, just be bold and make mistakes. Its smart blending option helps you create a smoothening effect while drawing so that you can create shadows, wipe out rough edges and create the color transition for charts, skies so on.

53 Pencil smartly recognize where your finger or palm is touching the touchscreen. So it avoids those movements and only the pencil tip works on the surface. No need for any calibration or setup.

Can't wait to feel it in your hands? Try the Fiftythree Digital Pencil today at around $30. 

53 digital Pencil

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