Gramofon - Excellent WiFi Music Player for your Speakers
Gramofon smartly turns your stereo into a Cloud Music player. It connects to the internet and your sound system, uses your phone as a remote, works with Spotify and Gramofon Radio. It also works as a WiFi Router. It has a free access to over 13 Million Hotspots.

Just connect your Gramofon from the Spotify music app, It streams straight from the cloud. Even your friends can access Gramofon from their apps over a simple network.You can also use your own music files from phone storage or laptop/desktop pc.
Gramofon Wifi Receiver

In simple language, Gramofon is a WiFi receiver which connects your existing sound system and allows you and your friends in the network to stream music from apps installed on the smartphone. You can also use other supported apps such as Napster, Rhapsody, TuneIn, Wah-wah, Aupeo!, Stylejukebox, Double Twist, Soma FM, Dar.FM etc.

Gramofon connects to your sound system with an audio cable and comes equipped with a 5V/1A charger and Wifi 802,11b/g/n.

 Gramofon - Wifi Music Player
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