Ollie - An app controlled rolling robot cylinder for junkies
Ollie is a robot specially designed to be controlled by the app which performs stunts including spin, drift, stall, and flip. These app powered tricks are so amazing that you will forget to do everything else. 

It spins at a rate of up to 14 mph (6 meters/sec) and you can play the real racing game with other Ollie robots. This fantastic fun toy can work with Android and iOS app powered smartphones. 

Ollie robot is engineered for speeds and made to perform specially programmed tricks. These robots can instantly pair with your smart devices via Bluetooth LE and can easily be charged by USB ports. These are protected by a durable polycarbonate shell and outfitted with glowing LED lights and yes, you are ready to go on any terrain anytime.

Just like a skateboarding game, Ollie app rewards you with points for performing better tricks and skills. Once calibrated you can use your thumb to control its directions which again needs little practice. So, wanna try Ollie robot?

 Ollie by Sphero

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