Pod Trackers - An excellent Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor
Not seeing our pets around could be a horrifying situation most of the time because they often subconsciously get lost somewhere. We constantly have this in our mind all the time and recently appearing GPS tracking devices are of a great help. 

Pod Tracker is an excellent GPS Plus Wi-Fi Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor you can look for. Now you don't have to worry about what and where your pet is doing. Locate your pet in real time with the click of a button. The pod is a smallest GPS tracker for dogs and cats designed to be attached to most of the collar sizes. Pod connects to your device over a simple 2G coverage and does not need much cost for cellular connectivity.

 Pod Trackers - GPS Tracking Device

You can set a boundary for your pets and when they cross it, you receive an Escape alerts. Not only this, its smart activity monitoring feature will help you analyze your pet's fitness level so that you stay sure they are healthy and active all the time.

Pod trackers have built-in recording facility which can record live videos up to 8 hours with your on/off actions. Meaning you can actually see your pet's secret life and adventures while they are off your eyes. 

Pod works in almost 175 countries around the world and have proven to be a versatile gadget for everyone.

 Pod Trackers - GPS Tracking Device
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