PopSockets - Secure and Comfortable Grip to your Devices
PopSockets - Cell Phone Grip and Stand

PopSockets are the tiny rubber grips serves a better gripping and a stand for most of the today's devices. These are the secure grips which will help you from dropping your device at some instances. You can use these sockets for gripping, propping, cord management, and much more productivity. 

PopSockets expands and collapses by way of an accordion mechanism which feels very attractive.

PopSockets was founded in 2012 in Colorado by David Barnett and idea worked pretty well in the market. The PopSockets mount enables you to mount your device on almost any places. Just they must be a flat surface such as mirror, wall, refrigerator, bedpost, locker and think of anything.

Get a more comfortable and secure grip on your precious devices with PopSockets - Its a perfect gift for him or her. 

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