Thalmic Labs - Wearable Myo Gesture Control Super Armband
The Myo armband is a high-tech wearable gesture control and motion control gadget that help you fully control your devices, smart screens, pcs and yes touch-free. Its a muscle sensing armband which lets you control a computer with a hand wave movements. 

Thalmic labs team is focusing on ways to interact with digital devices through human electrical activities constantly happening in muscles which enables a smart gesture and motion control hands-free.
Thalmic Labs Myo Armband

Currently, Surgeons from Spain are using Myo armbands to navigate medical slides right at the time of surgery. World famous DJ, Armin Van Buuren is using two Myo armbands to control the lights and stage effects during performances. Myo armband is currently changing an amputee's life by giving him control over a prosthetic hand. 

The future of wearable tech and HCI - human-computer interaction is being redefined by Thalmic Labs through their first ever initiative 'Myo Armband'. Thalmic Labs is a winner of Inc's 2017 Design Awards and companies such as Intel and Amazon are pouring millions of funding to their projects.

 Thalmic Labs Myo Armband

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