AirSelfie - Its an ultimate flying camera drone
A London based startup AirSelfie Holdings Ltd is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for this amazing flying camera gadget. AirSelfie is the ultimate portable flying camera which connects to your smartphone and let you capture amazing photos anywhere from the sky. It is the only portable camera available in the market which perfectly syncs with our smartphones. 

This small gadget can fly in the air like a mini-drone and can be controlled by your smartphone. It has four propellers surrounded by a safety guard and a compact enough to slot inside a smartphone case. It features a 5Mp camera which is enough to shot very good quality photos and videos (up to 22m/66ft). 

AirSelfie - Portable Camera Drone

AirSelfie uses its own 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network over which a smartphone can connect. It has a compatible app available for free and includes a 'selfie delay timer' with a range up to 10 seconds. It can shot 8 shots in once and media can be saved on 4GB microSD card. The Sad news is it's per charge flight duration which is just about 3 minutes only.

With AirSelfie, you can ...

1. Take group photos from up to 66 ft away including people and panoramas.
2. Indoor and outdoor aerial photos of subject and locations which are practically impossible to reach.
3. Can use this device as a monitoring camera when not flying.
4. Use its video capability as a work tool.

 AirSelfie - A Smartphone controlled flying Camera

AirSelfie - Smartphone operated flying camera

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