ASAP X Connect - Future of USB Magnetic Adapter
ASAP X Connect adapter easily transform any USB cable to magnetically connect to all your mobile devices. It's a world's first magnetic adapter that converts your USB cable (both Apple lightening or Android micro and Type C) into a magnetic cable that will be compatible with most of the latest devices. 

These are made with 18K gold plated connectors and N52 grade neodymium magnets and fair enough for faster charging and data transfer. Just one cable and connector for all your devices. 
ASAP X Connect - Future of USB Magnetic Adapter

These adaptors work on either side and you won't have to fumble around wires or even accidentally damaging your phone while your pull the wires unknowingly. Just insert the tip into the port, attach the adapter to your existing cable and X-connect adapter will magnetically attach to the holder when taken near. Its N52 grade neodymium magnets are so strong that your wire can even hold iPhone 7 vertically down.

X connector adapters are so productive that they will increase your device's port life considerably. And yes, it works with iPhone's Lifeproof Fre Case as well.

 ASAP X Connect - Magnetic USB Adapter

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