Avantree Desktop USB Charging Station - PowerHouse White
Avantree docking station is a smart built sleek looking unit can charge upto 4 devices at once and also support for headsets, speakers, cameras and many more. It includes 4.5 Amp power output which adjusts itself automatically when we connect a device. It not only detect the battery amp requirement of the devices through a special amp detector but also boost fast charging with upto twice speed.

It has a universal design which supports most of the today's devices. Its award winning silicone surface is much suitable for any type of device and can be easily placed in the provided slots. It has a Velcro system which helps to manage all the cables and keep your place tidy. 
Avantree Desktop USB Charging Station

One of the unique feature includes its smart port which has a built in smart output control IC which automatically recognizes how many amps are required to charge each mobile device. Meaning you don't have look for specific chargers while you bring and attach any device to this dock. Considering this advantage, Avantree's charging dock is the best solution for todays devices.

 Avantree Desktop USB Charging Station

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