Clocky Alarm clock with Wheels, it runs away beeping!
You have a problem waking up in time? If yes, you are not alone. Statistics show that almost 40% of people abuse the snooze.

Clocky is a cute alarm gadget which runs on its wheels and keeps beeping if you won't get up. Yes, there is an option to snooze it once but if you don't get up in time, the Clock will jump off its place beeping. 

Whether it is annoying or a helpful alarm clock will decide after you use it. But rest stay assured for the punctuality you will need for your schedule. Clocky's small tiny robotic beeps movements will improve your wake up styles. 

Clocky Alarm clock with Wheels, it runs away beeping!

Clocky can jump from 3 feets high and run around and look for a place to hide. It beeps in R2D2 style robotic patter so that his voice can be heard from a distance. It's a charming pet who will help you wake up on time. It also has a backlight display to see time at night and it can customizable snooze time up to 9 minutes long. It works on 4 AAA batteries. 

 Clocky - A robotic Alarm clock with wheels

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