Golden Goose - In Shell Hand Powered Egg Scrambler
Do you know how golden eggs are prepared in the kitchen? Its an egg scrambled in before cooking so that it changes to golden color after preparation. 

Until now it was quite unachievable but thanks to a Golden goose, an in-shell hand powered egg scrambler makes it easier for us to mix the entire egg from inside. 

A unit consists of ergonomic handles, ballistic grade nylon cordage, a tough scrambling chamber, a secure locking ring at center, and soft egg cradle designed to fit the variety of egg shapes. 

Golden Goose - In Shell Hand Powered Egg Scrambler

It has been made with an inspiration from Victorian-era children toy and serves a purpose of a low tech kitchen tool which uses centrifugal force to mix egg-white and the yolk. The Golden goose is made using 100% food grade recyclable plastic to consider health as a first priority. 

The Golden goose is easy to use, fun and effective. It is designed to spin the egg uniformly keeping it in one place without a fear of breaking or even fracture. The design is easy to assemble, clean and its dishwasher safe. 

A prepared golden egg can be served with soft or hard-boiled, in egg salad, pickled, atop noodles or simply by themselves with a little salt or simply as a surprise on Easter.

 Golden Goose - In-Shell hand powered egg scrambler

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