Hexa - Advanced and Healthy Smart Breathing Face Mask
Hexa is one of the revolutionary healthy face mask to combat ever-increasing smog and polluted air and well equipped with smart app controls, monitors, and battery aid. 

Wait, it's not only a high-end mask but also powered with smart app functions which monitor the air quality and its other parameters. Hexa is a super mask which removes pollutants, smoke, allergens and harmful substance through its proprietary filters and military grade nano silver carbon fabric. Hexa app monitors and tracks the air quality and keep you alerted all the time wherever you go.

Technically Hexa is powered by twin turbo fans which can supply up to 150 liters of clean air per minute and drastically reduce stress on your lungs for filtering. Its air quality sensors and app monitors air quality. Most of the harmful things such as PM2.5 fine particles, allergens, exhaust, smoke, ozone, odors, viruses, bacteria and other volatile organic compounds are easily filtered through Hexa.

Hexa - Healthy Smart Breathing Face Mask

Air pollution in urban areas is increasing dramatically and is a global epidemic. At most of the cities, the air pollution dangerously exceeds the safety limits and its health impacts are severe. Hexa is a gift to commuters, motorists, athletes and allergy sufferers.

Hexa's patented exhale air valves quickly releases heat, moisture and CO2 providing you constant level of comfort. Its honeycomb structure provides extra airflow and allows proper heat dissipation. You have two options to control your clean air supply, a standard control unit and a smart control unit with a built-in air quality sensor. 

Hexa works on a 5200 mAh mobile power bank and can run up to 8 hours and you can also use it further with battery bank aid. Hexa is fully equipped with advanced features and much different from other similar traditional products.

 Hexa by Koolmask - Healthy Smart Breathing Face Mask
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