Homar Food Grade Cut Resistant Gloves for Hand Protection
Homar high-performance food grade cut resistant gloves are one of the best kitchen and home gadgets for all regular work purpose. Its breathable cut free safety gloves are much suitable for all the ages.

Now forget about getting small cuts everytime you go for some rough homework. Whether its a cutting, slicing or peeling in the kitchen or even some gardening work, your hands are always at a danger getting rough cuts.  Homar gloves will save your hands from all those unexpected wounds. 

These gloves have a superior durability with 5 level of cut resistance and have almost up to 4 times stronger material than lather. These come with superior tough material so that they last longer. 

Homar safety gloves are suitable for small and large hands and 100% food safe. Its machine washable too so that all the regular dirt washed away from it. Homar safety gloves could be a super cheap gift to your loving ones and a must have cheap tool for every household.

 Homar Food Grade Cut Resistant Hand Gloves

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