Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set for Kids
Squigz are the fun little suckers which stick amazingly to each other. They not only connect to each other but also to any solid, non-porous surface. If you want to separate them, you will need to apply pressure and pull apart. 

You can built anything with Squigz such as rocket, vehicle, cushion, etc. to create an impressive array of things. A new suction way of creating new things. It provides relaxation and sensory stimulation. A unique fun play experiment for wide range of ages. 

The Squigz are so clean to handle that they leaves no residue or marks on surface. Made of 100% silicone and free from BPA and latex, these are completely health free and have no side effects.

Not only fun and play, Squigz create nice sensory stimulation and provides relaxation. It encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction and playful experimentation. 

Squigz have received Best Toys for Kids Award Winner - ASTRA, Parents' Choice Approved Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award and Toy of the Year 2018 finalist. Still, Squigz are not suitable for below three years old children as they might cause choking hazard.

 Fat Brain Toys Squigz

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