Papier Machine - An Interactive Electronic Paper Toys
Papier Machine is a beautiful book which combines the function of electronic circuits and simply paper folds to create an amazing sound fun.

Its a collection of beautiful thermatic papers which unveil the mysteries of electronic black boxes in a singular and accessible way. The first volume comprises of 6 interactive electronic paper toys ready to be cut, folded and assembled by any curious ones of most of the ages. The theme of this volume is the sound.

image source: Papier Machine, Kickstarter Project

The various colors and shapes are printed or drawn using a conductive silver ink. Later stages of the real play, you will complete these circuits by adding a simple button, cell, a sound component, a marble ball or your own pencil (as graphite carries a conductivity).

Each toy is pre-designed to start building your own new toy or machine. It does not require any glue and can be assembled easily with stripes following easy guides. Papier Machine is a Paris based startup with the three-member team, RaphaĆ«l Pluvinage and Marion Pinaffo and Agnes Agullo. 

image source: Papier Machine, Kickstarter Project

As Electronics is all around us, Papier Machine invites small and grown curious to create their own unique paper electronic toy. You can create a music fun, mini-golf, challenge gravity or any new sound idea and have your own family of paper toys. 

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