Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit - your very own Artoo
Start building your very own Artoo

The LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit is one of the hot Star Wars toys of the year. Create your own Droid and bring it to the life. As a creator, you will teach your Droid some awesome tricks and take it on the 16 plus missions. 
The Droid Inventor Kit lets you build your own version of a lovable Star Wars droid with magnet-connected electronic modules. This Droid inventor kit provides all the fun, accessibility and inspiration to little ones mostly above 8 years old. Its one of the best robot toy from LittleBits. 

The kit contains six bits: the Control Hub, DC Motor, Power Proximity Sensor, Servo and Wire Bits. You can connect them in different ways with its magnetic attachments and create a unique functional robot. LittleBits also has a live community for help and inspiration for kids. 

Once your droid is complete, you can control it through your Smartphone and compatible App. It works with a Swift Playgrounds app.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

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