Moleskine's new 'Pen+ Ellipse' is a beautiful digital Smart Pen
The Pen+ Ellipse is the second generation of the Pen+ which was the part of Moleskine's original Smart writing set. As the previous iteration, this new pen senses the ink on the smart pages and logs the information as the user writes. 

Similar to the Galaxy Note's smart stylus pen, this Pen+ Ellipse from Moleskine is a smart writing digital pen which you can use to write and note everything you want. This standalone pen can write notes and upload user content to the compatible app. 

Moleskine's new 'Pen+ Ellipse' digital Smart Pen

The new Pen+ Moleskine lets the user experience freehand writing, drawing, and much more tasks. Use then easily upload their finished text, drawings, notes to an online cloud. 

It is very easy for the user to surf through the notes through Moleskine's app and find those notes in the Moleskine paper tablet or Smart Planner.

 Moleskine's Pen+ Ellipse digital Smart pen

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