New Voltron Toys will bring back your Childhood Memories
These new Voltron 84 toys are best alternatives to your childhood toys.

Voltrol series was much famous for their die-cast Lion toys. And the new release from Playmates is a dream come true for all those casual and hardcore Voltron fans. 

The individual Lions are not so expensive and certainly a great deal. This time removing any of the Lions from the combined Voltron is bit ease, especially in the heads. If you are a photo-loving person, you can go ahead and make them create some pretty hilarious reactions. 

The Voltron lions also come with some bundle of accessories including some dangerously effective missile launchers. The combined Voltron is a real selling point of this series and this Voltron is pretty solid. 

They're a ton of fun, just try any of these and imagine the Legendary Defender characters have crossed universes!

 Playmates Voltron Classic 2018

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