Samsung's Graphene Balls will Charge your Device Faster Ever
Upcoming smartphones might come with much higher battery juice again with incredibly faster-charging speed. And that's something Samsung is currently looking for - Graphene Balls.

Samsung recently has unveiled the new technology at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and the Seoul National University School of Chemical and Biological Engineering which allows for faster charging with an increase in a number of charging cycles. 

This would result in current Samsung batteries being fully charged in just 12 minutes which is almost 5 times faster than lithium-ion batteries today. Samsung also developing batteries with almost up to 45 percent more capabilities. 

The technology relies on something called as Graphene Balls, which are made out of silicon dioxide. This development also supports car batteries and other industrial applications. Although recent years of battery support have failed user requirements, current Samsung series including Note 8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8 Active are nicely working over 11 hours on a single full charge. 

This new graphene ball driven technology will boost Samsung's smartphone selling targets even higher than today and attract more power hungry smartphone lovers.

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