IOFIT - The World's most advanced smart shoes
Salted Venture recently launched their smart shoe series branded as IOFIT and they are truly one of the smart tracking wearable devices. IOFIT is a revolutionary smart shoes that can analyze and improve your golf swing from the ground up. You can get an advanced analysis of your feet movements right on your smartphone. 

IOFIT Gulf Pro integrates optimal outsole structure and water repellent nano-coated upper that provides a comfortable fit and full analysis to improve your swing performance. It is build using a smart technology that features real-time swing analysis, comparison and practice mode via a bluetooth app for ios and android. 
Image source: iofitshoes official website

Its force plate technology and wearable technology uses many pressure sensors embedded in the midsole which constantly tracks how your feet work in most of the routine conditions. 

Primarily focused on Golf players to improve their feet balance to achieve accurate targets, the IOFIT smart shoes can be used by any enthusiast to analyze their feet movements and improve upon their weight distributions and swings. 

So stop guessing and start knowing!

 IOFIT - The World's most advanced smart shoes

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