Self Tying Water Balloons Machine, its Fun!
Next time you face a water balloon war, don't miss with your ammo. Its a time for all-out neighborhood water balloon war. It can take forever to fill enough water balloons to fight your foes. But by the time you finish filling your balloon tank, it's probably already dark and your opponents are at home taking their dinner.

Don't let this happen at your next water balloon fight, here is a self-trying water balloon, you will be ready to soak your friends in seconds.

This balloon water filling machine will quickly help you prepare a bunch of balloons with water. You can fill 100 balloons at once only about in a one minute flat. 

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No more Sore Fingers, you must have often felt those sore fingers with a lot of frustration. These self-tying water balloons take all the headache and pain out of getting your balloons prepared. 

After machine fills the balloons, you will just have to quickly remove the adapters and the little rubber band will snap into the place keeping them sealed and ready for the shoot.

 Zuru Bunch O Balloons On the Go Water Balloon Filler

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