Take a look at Google's new Clips Camera
Dogs, Babies and now Artificial Intelligence...

Google Clips, a pocket-sized digital camera that senses through its own AI whether the image is interesting enough to shoot. 

The $249 device, is designed to shoot onto furniture or other fixed objects, automatically captures anything which wanders in its viewfinder.

Working more smartly than those traditional motion-triggered cameras, or timers, Clips is more discerning. This advanced AI enabled camera can recognize human faces, smiles, dogs, cats and rapid movements quickly. 

Clips is not just a security drone all time keeping watch on your household or properties, but even selfie and photo lovers can avail its high-definition, cool gif photos creating capabilities. These images can then be downloaded and shared via smartphone.

Clips is currently being sold at Best Buy and Verizon retail outlets including on Google's online store.

 Google Clips

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