BaKblade - Bigger DIY Body Hair Shaver for Men
BaKblade is an ultimate tool for Men to get rid of their unwanted body hairs. Just go ahead and tame unruly back hairs with the BaKblade 2.0. Its innovative, DIY (do-it-yourself) back shaver with Dryglide technology works best both wet and dry shave solution. 

With two unique blades, the BaKblade knocks out even hardest hairy shoulders and backs for the refined gentleman. With bakblade you will experience the easiest, quickest and smartest shave on the earth.

With its upgraded version, BaKblade comes with twin 3" safety blades and a 16" handle which quickly and painlessly removes hair from your shoulders, arms, and back. Similar to an easy back scratching tool, Bakblade works without any discomfort and pain. 

Its a leader in back shaving industry. With cutting edge blade technology and ergonomically designed contour adapts to your body for pleasingly smooth results.

Think again, it is affordable, pain-free and works quick and easy. No batteries required.

 BaKblade - Body Hair Shaver

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