Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle - A perfect tech gift for her
Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle is sure to become a staple in her wardrobe ultimately. This is an activity tracker first but rarely appears to be a gadget on her hands. It has all the tech functionality of the Flex 2 such as tracking and phone notifications and yes in a subtle shape most suitable for soft hands.

Ready to travel anywhere life takes you, the Fitbit Flex 2 is a slim, swim-proof fitness bangle/wristband that lets you track daily activities, exercise, and even sleep. It is a fully functional fitness tracker. The ultra-thin, removable tracker hides in bands, bangles, pendants, and other interchangeable accessories so you can see how your day adds up in style especially for girls who like a style.

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Stand out in silver or look lovely in 22k-plated gold and rose gold or Flex 2 in a 22k-plated rose gold bangle and even in the 22k-plated gold pendant. Various colors and options available.

 Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle

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