The Best Portable Sonar Fish Hunting Gadgets
The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Vs FishHunter Directional 3D

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

It is the advanced and upgraded sonar fish finder to its predecessor Sonar Pro and Fishfinder 3.0 makes your fishing lot easier and fun. Moreover, its newly added wi-fi connection to smartphones and devices enables its reach whooping up to 330ft in Pro and Pro+ models. 

Sonar Pro+ gives you more mapping capabilities at the normal shore and even at ice region. Sonar Pro uses your smartphone's GPS to get real-time detailed bathymetric water bottom contouring and in offshore in boat mode, it uses its own built-in dedicated GPS to achieve same high-level tracking results. 
Its bathymetric mapping feature is its key selling point, where users can view maps of lakes and other bodies of water making the fish finding work much more easier ever. All you on your smartphone is a digital map view of entire lake or shore including water depth, temperature, underwater vegetation and the location of fishes in real time. 

You can actually add various information over layers and also include the colors to various things to identify exactly what you need. 

Deeper Pro+ Specifications Include - 

Wireless wi-fi connection (330ft / 100.5 m range)
Built-in GPS receiver
Real-time Bathymetric mapping
Color mode
Depth range up to 260ft / 79m
Size as 2.5-inch circular and 100g only
Dual frequency
5 Hours of operation on a single charging
one-year warranty

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

FishHunter Directional 3D

Comparison with FishHunter Directional 3D

FishHunter has been at the forefront of the market with its superior tracking capabilities and overall features. Two highly successful models 

FishHunter Military Grade portable Fish Finder 3.0 and the FishHunter Pro are one of the fastest tri-frequency portable fish finders available now. 

Their latest product, the FishHunter Directional 3D, is a powerful upgrade to its predecessor and has an ability to scan an area with its 5 powerful transducers which creates highly accurate images in much larger areas. 

Looking at its mapping capabilities, the FishHunter 3D offers incredible 5 different sonar view modes which include bathymetric mapping, 3D structure mapping, directional casting, 3d fishing and ice fishing flasher. 

FishHunter 3D Specifications include - 

Wireless wi-fi connection (200ft/ 61m)
5 Tri-frequency transducers
Directional Casting View
Depth range of 160 ft/ 49 m
Weighing 180g only
LED night fishing light
10 hours of battery support
One year limited warranty

FishHunter Directional 3D

Finally, In comparison and looking at the ability to create detailed 3D maps, the FishHunter Directional 3D wireless edges out the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+.

Overall both devices give perfect promising results and worth recommended.

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