The Whisker Dam - Guard your Gorgeous Moustache
Your perfectly groomed stache is a hit with the ladies, however, it comes to that frothy head on your favorite drinks - creates a different scenario! Shaving that gorgeous stache might not be a good idea, and that's why the Whisker Dam was invented.

The Whisker Dam is an easy solution for guarding your stylist stache against the indulgent beverages which are often consumed. This one is the most popular mustache guards you will ever find. Made up of 100% Copper, coated with non-toxic barrier and dressed with a timeless patina, the Whisker Dam has been created to men's perfection.

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It is the best Dam invention for keeping your stylish mustache drier all the time you look for a drink. Handmade in the USA with 100% copper and adjustable to fit most of the today's glassware, the whisker dam works as an umbrella for your face. It also fits nicely over pint glasses, highballs and most of the glasses. 

With cool looking embossed lettering and a weathered patina, this tiny tool cues from the mustache guards that were popular centuries ago.

 The Whisker Dam

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