Tired of wireless earbuds falling often? Try these
Cheaper than Apple's AirPods, The Surge Charge wireless earbuds ($119.99) are cheaper and of course, doesn't fall no matter how much you shake.

Yes, cheaper and sturdier than the AirPods. With the Surge, you have a case to keep them safe with inbuilt battery to charge the earbuds on the go. With surprisingly good sound quality, these are much rugged and a weather-resistant pair of earbuds will surely save on your pockets. 

Image credit: thesynops.com

The Surge Charge Case contains the charging battery and a dual-headed USB cable so that you can charge each them while it's inside the case. The case can power them up to five times which can keep them running for five hours on single charge. 

Even though the earbuds are no the prettiest but functionally they are best working earbuds. If you love workouts or kicking around often, the Surge will surely not disappoint you, and Sound is really so cool.

 The Surge Charge Case Wireless Earbuds

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