Galaxy Zega Battle Tanks - Let's Fight together
Like a war fights? Transform your living room into a battleground and fight with app-controlled zega tanks. Galaxy Zega Battle tanks are just made to fight random with each other. You can control your fights using both Android and iOS devices as a remote control. 

You also earn points to upgrade your tanks skills. You can also spend a little extra on the X-bases as they act as power-up squares or flags that spice up the various game modes. 

 GalaxyZega Campaign

Young kids and small age smart kids can also enjoy these battle tanks with some supervision with their smartphone or tablet. 

Its cool features include compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0, wireless transmission up to 100 times per second, more than 30 configurable skills, expandable easy to build battlefields and replaceable wheel hubs and special stickers.

 Galaxy Zega Battle Tanks

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