USB Missile Launcher: Win the War in the office Cubicle
Cheesy co-workers are now no longer safe from your assaults.

Isn't it a fun shooting your officemate in the back of the head with a foam missile controlled from your own PC? Get yourself the USB Missile launcher and start terrorizing your pets, colleagues, and neighbors.

Unlike lesser models, this desktop missile launcher uses a pressurized air to shoot those foam projectiles up to 20' far and does not require the use of batteries. Powered by a PC via USB cable, you can have full control of its projections via included software. 

You can swivel the launcher 180 deg, tilt 45 deg and shoot missiles at unsuspecting targets at the touch of a mouse click. Tilt, rotate and fire your USB missile launcher using your mouse or keyboard. You can surely have amazing sound effects or just mute them for your stealth operations.

Specifications and Features:

USB powered (no external power needed)

PC software included and Mac compatible
Includes 3 foam missiles
Shooting range 10-15 feet
45-degree tilt; 360-degree pan
Meets military-grade office armory specs
The barrel is 6.5" long; Base has 3.5" diameter

 USB Missile Launcher

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