WakaWaka Power Solar Lamp & Mobile Phone Charger
A No Joke On-the-go Solar Panel Portable Charger

The new slip design of the WakaWaka offers sturdy, highly efficient and portable solar charging solutions. This portable charging unit works on solar power principles and can charge your smartphone, ipads and much more. It includes battery pack as well. 

Today's power-hungry gadgets need the seamless amount of batteries on the go. Waka Waka portable power bank + solar charger will ensure you'll have ample and free power wherever you travel. 

image source: waka-waka.com

The Waka Waka is a combination battery pack, solar charger and an emergency light designed to work in both urban/suburban areas and off the grid to provide an easy power source for charging and light.

This tiny gadget features two large LEDs, a large easy to access power button, a folding stand as a hanging unit, 2200mAh battery pack, and a solar panel. It can provide a continuous low brightness light (around 5 to 70 lumens) for long hours. 

  • This portable device comes with an LED light that most chargers don't have.
  • A bottle hole stand works pretty productively most of the travel time.
  • The stand serves the cover for all the ports making it remains safe in storage.
  • When you buy one, the company donates one to the person in need.
  • Don't have a fast charging port.
  • The battery pack is small.
  • High price

 WakaWaka Power Solar Charger

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