Bobino Cord Wrap - fast and easy way to organize your cords
Bobino Cord Wrap is a perfect solution to organize your cords. Whether it is your music player earphone cord or a long laptop USB cable, Bobino can help you keep them tangle free all the time. 

Bobino cord wrap tool comes in small, medium and large sizes to suit your cord wrapping needs. With this, you can keep your cables tangle free in your purse, pocket or backpack. Much suitable for home or office, Bobino Cord Wraps are a very productive simple tool to manage your long wires. 
It comes in multiple sizes and colors to organize your cords, long USB wires and any tangling tech gadgets wires. You can easily wound and unwound them on this tool or keep in storage. Available in different colors Bobino cord wrap tool will make it easier to organize huge balls of tangled cables. 

Now you can shorten or lengthen your cords easily to suit as per need. Bobino is a simple innovation to keep your daily life simple and productive. Tangling wires can be very inconvenient. Bobino is an ultimate wire management solution.

 Bobino Cord Wrap Accessory

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